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Generalist Demo Reel

A collection of my previous work and project from Drexel. In order, the following projects are:
1. Medea
An exploration game project made by a team of eight for digital storytelling. Download here:
Responsible for storyboarding animations, animating first animation video, modelling tanks, playing cards, colonial room and terrain
Software: illustrator, photoshop, after effects, premiere, maya, uv layout, unity
2. Bouncing ball animation
Individual. Final Project for Design 2 for Media class, showing how objects change color under different color lights.
Software: maya, photoshop, uv layout, premiere
3. Super Burial Ground Brawl
Final project by 3 person team for Game Fundamentals class. Final version is a multiplayer of soul collectors who compete to collect as many souls as possible. Download here:
Responsible for character art for players and enemies as well as sprite sheets, created half of the menu
Software: illustrator, photoshop, unity
4. Timeloop animation
animation project for Animation I. Had to create animation that loops seamlessly
Software: maya, uvlayout, photoshop, after effects
5. Moo diary Shoppin
Final project for Game Workshop, has to work on motion simulator. Play as if you are on a shopping game show collecting as many items as possible. Download here:
Responsible for: modelling cart and various in store items. Edited trailer for presentation and promotion.
Software: maya, illustrator, photoshop, uv layout, unity, premiere, after effects
background music:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Generalist Demo Reel Joseph Santos 2015