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Storyboarding, Editing Reel

Previous projects on which I worked on storyboarding and editing
1. Robot Theater: Current Project for Animation 2. IN Middle of Story board phase. Used TV Paint.
2. Medea: Game exploring house full of history about the world. Storyboarded the motion graphic animation as well as animated said animation used in game. Used Illustrator, after Effects and maya.
3. Dancing ball - Individual, used maya and photoshop
4. Time loop Machine - Individual, used maya and photoshop
5. Moo Diary Shoppin - Created models and textures for the game as well as storyboarded, film and edited game trailer to showcase to public and presentation. Used Premiere, illustrator, photoshop, maya
background music:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Joseph Santos storyboard editing reel